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Welcome to the Ninth World

Innumerable years in the future, against all odds, Earth has survived.

The people that inhabited the planet over the many millenia, raising empires to the stars and beyond, have been lost to time and space. There is no sign they will ever return.

But they left wonders behind—nanotechnology, extra-dimensional portals, tools and weapons of unknown origin and function. The people who live in this Ninth World have a word for the artifacts of the previous Eight…


It is a rare person who posseses the bravery to pick the bones of a lost civilization. Even more rare still is the person with the skills to survive such an undertaking. But given enough time, the numenera might be a way—maybe the only way—to greater safety and prosperity for all. There are jobs to do—profits to be made—and a shortage of skilled and dangerous people capable of carrying them out.

Three skilled and dangerous people met on The Wandering Walk to investigate rumors of a machine that could raise the dead. What happens after that will only be known in time.

Home Page

Ninth World Blues: The Devil's Spine Travis19